The health effects of soy: A reference guide for health professionals

By Mark Messina


Soy is a hotly debated and widely discussed topic in the field of nutrition. However, health practitioners may be ill-equipped to counsel clients and patients about the use of soyfoods because of the enormous, and often contradictory, amount of research that has been published over the past 30 years. As interest in plant-based diets increases, there will be increased pressure for practitioners to gain a working knowledge of this area. The purpose of this review is to provide concise literature summaries (400–500 words) along with a short perspective on the current state of knowledge of a wide range of topics related to soy, from the cholesterol-lowering effects of soy protein to the impact of isoflavones on breast cancer risk. In addition to the literature summaries, general background information on soyfoods, soy protein, and isoflavones is provided. This analysis can serve as a tool for health professionals to be used when discussing soyfoods with their clients and patients.

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Frontiers in Nutrition

Messina Mark, Duncan Alison, Messina Virginia, Lynch Heidi, Kiel Jessica, Erdman John W., The health effects of soy: A reference guide for health professionals, Frontiers in Nutrition, 11 August 2022;